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Chris Gilmore High Res

Chris Gilmore

     Chris Gilmore, CEO of Chris Gilmore casting, has been a success in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the lens, for decades. Chris’s strong work ethics and belief that anything is possible has helped her have longevity and sustainability in the entertainment industry. With a foundational knowledge of multiple sides of the entertainment industry, Chris brings her experience, innovative and creative solutions, and passionate out-of-the box thinking to every project for maximum success! Experienced at negotiating with name talent, patient and skilled at discovering fresh diverse talent, and with the understanding of the influencer power of talent just compliments Chris' already strong industry professional skills she brings to the table for your projects.


     Casting Feature Films, Network and Streaming Episodics, Commercials, and Music Videos, Chris is an award winning Casting Director, Producer, Director, and Writer who has worked  with top entertainment companies: Paramount, Universal Studios, NBC, CBS, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Disney, King World, Hannah Barbera,  Spectrum, The Playboy Channel, Saban Entertainment, Amazon, Tubi, and Apple TV along with many renowned producers and directors.


     As the successful Producer Chuck Barris stated about Chris, “She is one of the most talented, hard-working, imaginative, and creative people I have ever worked with.  And, I’ve worked with a lot of people.  I am convinced Christina is one of the best kept secrets in the entertainment business.”


      Chris truly understands the needs of a production company and has an overview of the project, its artistic needs, distribution demands, and the talent needed to reach its target market.  Chris, is one of the rare 2% in the entertainment industry who successfully created, produced and distributed an indie film, (Blood Pageant, 2021) and was involved in all steps from concept and screenplay, to directing to securing name talent and fresh cast, to composing music, to supervising post production, and finally securing distribution during a tough pandemic market.

     Chris also works with her son, Leo Gilmore, who has trained into the industry under her all his life. He is a creative and professional associate casting director with Chris Gilmore Casting.

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Chris and Leo
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